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Relevance, Issues & Importance of Accounting Standards
Nirma University MDP/Workshop (2005)
  • Vrajlal K Sapovadia, SBS Ahmedabad
Financial statements are prepared to summarize all business activities by an enterprise during an accounting period in monetary terms & report financial outcomes in terms of performance, status of assets, liabilities & flow of cash. These business activities vary from one enterprise to other on one hand and size & volume of business on the other hand. To compare the financial statements of various reporting enterprises poses some difficulties because of the divergence in the methods and principles adopted by these enterprises in preparing their financial statements. In order to make these methods and principles uniform, comparable, transparent, establish accountability and bring true & fair view of Financial Statement - Accounting Standards are evolved. This article discuss relevance, importance, applicability & content of Indian Accounting Standards till this date.
  • Accounting Standards,
  • Financial Statements
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Vrajlal K Sapovadia. "Relevance, Issues & Importance of Accounting Standards" Nirma University MDP/Workshop (2005)
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