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Persistent Staging Area Models for Data Warehouses
Issues in Information Systems
  • Vladan Jovanovic, Georgia Southern University
  • Ivan Bojicic, Fakultet Organizacioninh Nauka
  • Curtis Knowles, Georgia Southern University
  • Mile Pavlic, University of Rijeka
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The paper’s scope is conceptual modeling of the Data Warehouse (DW) staging area seen as a permanent system of records of interest to regulatory/auditing compliance. The context is design of enterprise data warehouses compliant with the next generation of DW architecture that is DW 2.0. We address temporal DW aspect and review relevant alternative models i.e. compliant with DW 2.0, namely the Data Vault (DV) and the Anchor Model (AM). The principal novelty is a Conceptual DV Model and its comparison with the Anchor Model.
Citation Information
Vladan Jovanovic, Ivan Bojicic, Curtis Knowles and Mile Pavlic. "Persistent Staging Area Models for Data Warehouses" Issues in Information Systems Vol. 13 Iss. 1 (2012) p. 121 - 132
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