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Prospective Evaluation of the Role of Quantitative Doppler Ultrasound Surveillance in Liver Transplantation
Liver Transplantation (2004)
  • David Stell
  • Donal Downey
  • Paul Marotta, The University of Western Ontario
  • Edward Solano
  • Anand Khakhar
  • Douglas Quan, The University of Western Ontario
  • Cam Ghent
  • Vivian McAlister, The University of Western Ontario
  • William Wall, The University of Western Ontario

Doppler ultrasound (DUS) is able to measure parameters of blood flow within vessels of transplanted organs, and vascular complications are associated with abnormal values. We analyzed the findings of 51 consecutive patients who underwent DUS on 2 occasions in the first postoperative week following liver transplantation for cirrhosis to determine the range of values in patients following liver transplantation. Three patients developed early vascular thromboses that were detected by the absence of a Doppler signal. In patients making an uneventful recovery, the arterial velocity tended to increase and the resistive index (RI) to decrease during the first postoperative week. All recipients were shown to have high-velocity segments within the hepatic artery, without an increase in flow resistance. Assessment of the portal vein revealed narrowing at the anastomosis, associated with a segmental doubling of flow velocity, and the mean portal venous flow decreased by approximately 20% in the first postoperative week. In conclusion, a wide range of abnormalities occurs in the vessels of liver transplant recipients, which were not associated with the development of vascular complications or affect patient management.

  • Blood Flow Velocity,
  • Hepatic Artery,
  • Liver Cirrhosis,
  • Liver Transplantation,
  • Portal Vein,
  • Postoperative Period,
  • Prospective Studies,
  • Regional Blood Flow,
  • Ultrasonography,
  • Doppler,
  • Vascular Resistance
Publication Date
September, 2004
Citation Information
David Stell, Donal Downey, Paul Marotta, Edward Solano, et al.. "Prospective Evaluation of the Role of Quantitative Doppler Ultrasound Surveillance in Liver Transplantation" Liver Transplantation Vol. 10 Iss. 9 (2004)
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