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Sirolimus-tacrolimus Combination Immunosuppression
The Lancet (2000)
  • Vivian C. McAlister
  • Zuhua Gao
  • Kevork Peltekian
  • Javier Domingues
  • Kamrar Mahalati
  • Allan S. MacDonald

A series of 32 recipients of liver, kidney, or pancreas transplants who were treated with sirolimus and low-dose tacrolimus experienced a low rate of rejection and excellent graft function without drug-related toxic effects.

  • Drug Therapy,
  • Graft Rejection,
  • Immunosuppressive Agents,
  • Kidney Transplantation,
  • Liver Transplantation,
  • Pancreas Transplantation,
  • Sirolimus,
  • Tacrolimus
Publication Date
January 29, 2000
Publisher Statement
Dr. Vivian McAlister is currently a faculty member at The University of Western Ontario.
Citation Information
Vivian C. McAlister, Zuhua Gao, Kevork Peltekian, Javier Domingues, et al.. "Sirolimus-tacrolimus Combination Immunosuppression" The Lancet Vol. 355 Iss. 9201 (2000)
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