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Quirks and Quarks: Bovine Blood Transfusion
Thanks to diseases like HIV, Hepatitis and variant CJD, the human blood supply for transfusion is becoming smaller and smaller. So, some researchers are looking for alternatives. One of these researchers is Dr. Vivian McAlister, a surgeon from the University of Western Ontario. He's looking at using cow red blood cells to transfuse people. But, he's not the first. As part of his research he's uncovered experiments done more than three hundred years ago on the same subject. And he also discovered that this research was lost when the editors of an English journal of the day decided to cover up the original study.
  • transfusion,
  • blood,
  • xenotransplantation,
  • Jean Baptiste Denys,
  • Richard Lower,
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Publication Date
January 17, 2004
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"Quirks and Quarks: Bovine Blood Transfusion" (2004)
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