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Black surgeons and surgery in Canada
Canadian Journal of Surgery Podcast (2022)
  • Chad G. Ball, University of Calgary
  • Ameer Farooq, Canadian Journal of Surgery
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Episode 108: We are very excited to bring you this episode on Black surgeons in North America. Lead by Dr. Don Nakayama, this initiative brings to light an amazing collection of their contributions and untold stories. We were lucky to sit down with Dr. Vivian McAllister, a longtime friend of the podcast and one of the chapter authors on Black surgeons in Canada. We were also lucky enough to be joined by Dr. Nakayama, as well as Dr. Cathy Slaney, a sociologist whose work has focused on one of the surgeons profiled in the book, her great-grandfather, Dr. Anderson Abbott. Last but not least, we were joined by Shannon Prince, the curator of the Buxton National Historic Site and Museum.
Publication Date
January, 2022
Citation Information
Chad G. Ball and Ameer Farooq. "Black surgeons and surgery in Canada" Canadian Journal of Surgery Podcast Iss. 109 (2022)
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