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Legion Magazine: Battle-Tested Medicine
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Dr. Allan Hawryluk was dreading the difficult hours ahead—his patient was on blood thinners, and bleeding uncontrollably following a tooth extraction. The Mississauga dentist knew it could be hours before the bleeding was brought under control with sutures and chemical compounds. Then he tried a sample of the new HemCon dental dressing. “The bleeding stopped completely and immediately,” he said. “I just didn’t believe it.” In the year since he first used it he has gone on to use the new dressing to stop bleeding in the mouth of a National Hockey League player who “was able to return to fight in the third period.” He now keeps HemCon in supply for the “impossible cases” he comes across in his practice.
Publication Date
July 28, 2008
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Legion Magazine. "Legion Magazine: Battle-Tested Medicine" (2008)
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