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Dare we hope
  • Vivian C. McAlister
In an era when cries of “Lock her up” can rile a crowd to frenzy, it is the duty of a responsible editor to ensure that declamatory comment is backed up by academic rigour. It is clear that CMAJ recently failed this test.1 It has compounded the error by encouraging the media to fan the flames such that the associated front page article of The Star claims that the journal is calling for an end to celebrating Sir William Osler.2 Neither the authors nor the editor acknowledged the debt that CMAJ has to Osler, who not only encouraged its foundation but also frequently contributed articles when he was world-renowned and the journal was not.
  • William Osler,
  • racism
Publication Date
January 18, 2021
Citation Information
Vivian C. McAlister. "Dare we hope" (2021)
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