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IEDs inflict more damage than landmines
SCIMEX (Australia / New Zealand) (2016)

Improvised explosive devices (IEDs) inflict more serious injuries and are more likely to result in amputations than land mines, according to research looking at IED attacks in Afghanistan. Land mines were used widely in the Second World War and were designed to maim, rather than kill, to put pressure on an enemy's medical resources. Their use has been phased out since the 1997 Ottawa Treaty, but Canadian researchers say they have been increasingly replaced with IEDs, which cause more damage. During 18 months in Afghanistan, one Kandahar base treated 100 people injured during IED attacks: 19 died and a further 70 had multiple amputations - higher rates than caused by land mines
Journal/conference: BMJ Open
Organisation/s: Royal Canadian Medical Service, Canada
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  • improvised explosive device,
  • IED
Publication Date
August, 2016
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"IEDs inflict more damage than landmines" SCIMEX (Australia / New Zealand) (2016)
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