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No specialty alone: the Wilder Penfield strategy.
Can J Surg (2014)
  • Vivian C. McAlister

To gather knowledge and to find out new knowledge is the noblest occupation of the physician. To apply that knowledge with understanding and sympathy to the relief of human suffering is the loveliest occupation; and to do both with unassuming faithfulness sets the seal on the whole. — Edward Archibald, 1934. C JS has posted to its website ( “work-in-progress” commentary as part of the CJS consensus protocol. The authors’ goal is to develop a statement regarding gastrointestinal endoscopy training for general surgery residents.

Publication Date
August, 2014
Citation Information
Vivian C. McAlister. "No specialty alone: the Wilder Penfield strategy." Can J Surg Vol. 57 Iss. 4 (2014)
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