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Learning surgically oriented anatomy in a student-run extracurricular club: An education through recreation initiative
Anatomical Sciences Education (2012)
  • Sha Ullah
  • Andrew Bodrogi, University of Western Ontario
  • Octav Cristea, University of Western Ontario
  • Marjorie Johnson, University of Western Ontario
  • Vivian C. McAlister

Didactic and laboratory anatomical education have seen significant reductions in the medical school curriculum due, in part, to the current shift from basic science to more clinically based teaching in North American medical schools. In order to increase medical student exposure to anatomy, with clinical applicability, a student-run initiative called surgically oriented anatomy prosectors (SOAP) club was created within the extracurricular program at the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, The University of Western Ontario, London, Canada. SOAP invites surgeons and residents from various surgical specialties to demonstrate, on a cadaver, a surgical procedure of their choosing. During the demonstration, the anatomy, as it relates to the surgical procedure, is discussed. The students then break into smaller groups to examine the relevant anatomy on the cadavers, during which time the discussion is broadened. The group continues the conversation in a social environment with refreshments. SOAP is one of the most popular extracurricular clubs with 65% of first and second year medical students registered as members. The high demand for SOAP, along with the positive participant feedback, may be due to its utilization of the principle of education through recreation, which seeks to provide opportunities for learning seamlessly throughout all facets of life. It also demonstrates the desire, amongst certain medical students, to learn applied anatomy, particularly within a surgical context. Anat Sci Educ. © 2012 American Association of Anatomists.

  • surgical anatomy; medical education; gross anatomy education; gross anatomy laboratory; dissection; clinical correlation; education through recreation
Publication Date
May, 2012
Citation Information
Sha Ullah, Andrew Bodrogi, Octav Cristea, Marjorie Johnson, et al.. "Learning surgically oriented anatomy in a student-run extracurricular club: An education through recreation initiative" Anatomical Sciences Education Vol. 5 Iss. 3 (2012)
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