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2010 NEWSMAKERS: Celebrating our own
  • Paul Mayne, University of Western Ontario
  • Western News, Western News
  • Jason Winders

How will we remember 2010? Probably through these faces. This year, the Western News starts a new, if not wholly original, tradition. Our Newsmakers 2010 section celebrates the best of research, academia and volunteer spirit that we have to offer on this campus. We spotlight, in brief words and striking images, the accomplishments of some of our favourites from the last year. One of the most powerful women in Canada. A student with an eye for the greater good. And a man who would do anything, including posing with a zebra, for the United Way. A football coach. A ground-breaking wind researcher. A citizen soldier. A pioneering administrator. An Olympic expert. Labour leaders. Even a man who hasn't started work yet. Each contributed positively to important conversations on this campus. They are how we will remember 2010. Understand, we honour a mere handful of the hundreds who shaped the last year at The University of Western Ontario. Some of these names you'll know by heart. Others, you may need a little help to remember. But all were part of what makes this university community so grand.

Publication Date
December 16, 2010
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Paul Mayne, Western News and Jason Winders. "2010 NEWSMAKERS: Celebrating our own" (2010)
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