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About Vivian C. McAlister

Dr McAlister is co-editor of the Canadian Journal of Surgery. He is the Angus D. McLachlin Professor of Surgery at the University of Western Ontario. He is a regular force member of the Royal Canadian Medical Service, Canadian Armed Forces, (rank Lieutenant Colonel) and has deployed overseas many times. He is a general surgeon, at University Hospital London, with special interest in hepatobiliary, endobiliary, transplant and combat surgery. His research interests include fundamental and clinical research in these areas as well as the history of medicine. He has been president of the Canadian Society of Transplantation and the Canadian Organ Replacement Registry. Dr McAlister is a member of council of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. He is also chair of Region Advisory Committee (RAC) 3 (Ontario and Nunavut) of the Royal College.
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Present Medical Officer (specialist), Royal Canadian Medical Service
Present Angus D McLachlin Professor of Surgery, Western University


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