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Promoting critical thinking and creativity in Hong Kong students : a cultural perspective
House of Tomorrow
  • Miu Chi, Vivian LUN, Lingnan University
  • Kwok LEUNG, City University of Hong Kong
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Journal article
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The easy access to information brought about by technological advancement shifts the focus of education from acquisition of information to its effective utilization, and elevated the importance of critical thinking and creativity as an educational goal around the globe. This shift of educational focus is also evident in the new senior secondary school curriculum in Hong Kong, with an explicit aim “to develop in students a range of skills for life-long learning, including critical thinking skills, creativity, problem-solving skills, communication skills and information technology skills”.

Citation Information
Lun, V. M.-C. & Leung, K. (2011). Promoting critical thinking and creativity in Hong Kong students: A cultural perspective. House of Tomorrow, 19(2), 11-15.