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Understanding dynamic change and creation of learning organizations
Encyclopedia of Distance Learning, 2nd Edition (2009)
  • Michael Hartoonian, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
  • Vivian Johnson, Hamline University
In a letter to the editor of the New York Times, Mark Peck (May 6, 2007), a 10th grade student, notes “it’s too bad that students have to take the rap for old-style teachers who are still not comfortable with the computer as an educational tool” (p. A22). Mark’s comment was in response to a front-page article that highlighted how little substantive change had occurred in the learning environments of schools that instituted laptop programs. In succinct terms, Mark identifies a major barrier to meaningful adoption of new technologies by stating that “computer-based learning initiatives are not going to take off until teachers are just as excited about them as their students” (p. A22). Mark’s experience as a learner is echoed in a recent report (Education Week, 2007).
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Patricia L. Rogers, Gary A. Berg, Judith V. Boettcher, Caroline Howard, Lorraine Justice, Karen D. Schenk
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Michael Hartoonian and Vivian Johnson. "Understanding dynamic change and creation of learning organizations" 2ndHershey, PennsylvaniaEncyclopedia of Distance Learning, 2nd Edition (2009)
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