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Science Inservice
Computer-Integrated Instruction Inservice Notebook: Secondary School Science (1990)
  • Vivian Johnson, Hamline University
The purpose of this notebook is to assist educators who are designing and implementing inservice education programs to facilitate the effective use of computer integrated instruction (CII) in schools. It is divided into the following five sections: (1) Effective Inservice (a brief summary of inservice literature focused on inservice dimensions and design principles); (2) Background Information (an overview of computers in education and a discussion of the roles of computers in problem solving); (3) Initiating/Planning an Inservice (suggestions for preliminary planning and activities and a sample timeline for those activities); (4) An Eight-Session Science Inservice (2-hour sessions include hypothesis testing using a computer, searching and sorting databases to generate and test hypotheses, creating a database for testing hypotheses, introduction to a spreadsheet, creating a spreadsheet, using an integrated package to produce a lab report, investigation of some commercially available science education software, and projects and closure); and (5) Instruments and Evaluation (a variety of instruments for needs assessment, formative evaluation, and summative evaluation). Each 2-hour science inservice session contains some or all of the following: narrative overview, script (topics, objectives, materials, activities), timeline, handouts, and readings. References are listed in the first three sections, and a software bibliography is included in the fourth section.
  • Computer Assisted Instruction,
  • Computer Literacy,
  • Databases,
  • Hypothesis Testing,
  • Inservice Teacher Education,
  • Postsecondary Education,
  • Science Instruction,
  • Secondary Education,
  • Secondary School Science,
  • Secondary School Teachers,
  • Spreadsheets,
  • Teaching Methods
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David Moursund
International Society for Technology in Education
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Vivian Johnson. "Science Inservice" Eugene, OregonComputer-Integrated Instruction Inservice Notebook: Secondary School Science (1990)
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