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Why NAM is Needed be press.docx
Mainstream (2016)
  • Vivek Kumar Srivastava, Dr.
the scholars and politicians are talking about the demise of Non Align Movement but how much premature is the assessment is difficult to understand. In fact the recent Venezuela meet has established that NAM is still alive and is an important platform for the global discussion. New Indian government has discarded NAM but it is a kind of self destruction as in the years to come NAM like institutions will be required to give direction the chaotic world.
  • NAM,
  • India,
  • relevance
Publication Date
Fall October 8, 2016
Citation Information
Vivek Kumar Srivastava. "Why NAM is Needed be press.docx" Mainstream Vol. VOL LIV Iss. No 42 (2016) p. 1 - 36 ISSN: 0542-1462.
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