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Game Theory in Strategic Human Resource Development
Advances in Human Resource Development (2008)
  • Vivek Pandey
  • T. J. Chermack
The problem and the solution .A fundamental approach to strategic human resource development (SHRD) planning is to present human resource development (HRD) investment as a viable solution to advance the organizational interactions. We examine two specific instances of interactions: the interactions between the firm and the employee, and the interactions between HRD and other functional areas within the firm. The prescriptive solution arising from the analyses presented here is a Nash equilibrium encouraging the firm to invest in frequent and continuous HRD. For HRD professionals, the prescriptive solution lies in providing measurable productivity and performance gains to organizational decision makers.
  • game theory,
  • human resource development
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Vivek Pandey and T. J. Chermack. "Game Theory in Strategic Human Resource Development" Advances in Human Resource Development Vol. 10 Iss. 6 (2008) p. 834 - 847
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