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Re-platforming digital collections for enhanced access & search functionality
ASIST Annual Conference (2014)
  • Virginia A Dressler, Kent State University

Currently, Kent State University Library is preparing to redesign its online exhibits and digital collections onto a new content management system and interface. The plan will entail migrating existing digital collections to a new platform, and in so, provide a more inclusive search mechanism to enhance access. In order to prepare for this migration, we are currently mapping the existing digital collections into a new metadata schema for the proposed solution, from a locally created and hosted framework into a more sustainable platform with a consolidated, searchable base for all digital objects and corresponding metadata. This work includes taking a tailored, in-house solution, and transposing the data into an XML file and also including a full resolution version of the digital file. Principles of Linked Data will also be applied to the accompanying metadata files. The biggest resulting change from this shift of a homegrown solution into an extensible, open access platform is for the capability of searching across multiple collections. Currently, cross collection searching is not possible in the current interface, and there are related materials between several existing digital collections that would benefit as a result of this change. The poster will address the shift in the ideology into this new framework and highlight the benefits in this switch.

  • content management system,
  • RDF
Publication Date
November, 2014
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Virginia A Dressler. "Re-platforming digital collections for enhanced access & search functionality" ASIST Annual Conference (2014)
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