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Digitally Archiving History: A Game Plan for Large, Unruly Archival Collections with Limited Staffing
Archiving 2016 conference proceedings (2016)
  • Virginia A Dressler
In this paper, an outline of workflows currently in use for the
digitization of a large archival collection at Kent State University
is provided. A blend of both in-house digitization and outsourcing
methods used to achieve the goals of the project with limited staffing
and resources. Considerations of the format, as well as the
capabilities and available equipment and software, are made
throughout the process in regard to institutional capabilities.
Selected workflows for digitization are embedded into the daily
routine of the staff, reflected in a growing digital archive that is
available for patrons regardless of location. Materials without
copyright restrictions are uploaded into a openly accessible digital
repository, while more problematic materials are stored offline as
a preservation copy and the digital copies noted on respective
finding aids. A small-scale digitization space has been created for
the purpose of in-house scanning, and a process to select material
from reference driven selections as well generating reports from a
patron database to gauge the most highly used items has been
refined to tackle the large task of digitizing a complex archival
collection, one piece at a time. Further, the notion at the conclusion
of the project is to apply these practices and workflows to other
archival collections.
  • workflow,
  • digital libraries,
  • archival collections
Publication Date
April, 2016
Publisher Statement
Reprinted with permission of IS&T: The Society for Imaging Science and Technology sole copyright owners of Archiving 2016.
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Virginia A Dressler. "Digitally Archiving History: A Game Plan for Large, Unruly Archival Collections with Limited Staffing" Archiving 2016 conference proceedings (2016) p. 75 - 80
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