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About Virginia O. Benson

Virginia O. Benson is an Associate Professor at the Levin College. She received her Ph.D. in Geography from Kent State University. She teaches courses in urban design, planning, real estate development, and historic preservation. She served on the Boards of Trustees of North Coast Harbor, Inc., the downtown lakefront developer, the Cleveland Restoration Society, and served for seven years as a member of the Ohio Historic Sites Preservation Advisory Board (OHSPAB). She has published in The Appraisal Journal, Growth and Change, and The Gerontologist and Real Estate Issues. She authored the chapter "An Urban Geographer's Perspective on the Plight of Urban Sacred Landmarks" in Which Future for Which Churches published by the University of Quebec in Montreal, 2006. Dr. Benson has co-authored two books, Introduction to Urban Studies (with Roberta Steinbacher)and Historic Preservation for Professionals (with Richard Klein), August 2008, Kent State University Press. Her current research interests include urban revitalization through faith-based organizations, sacred landmarks,urban planning,historic preservation and waterfront development.


Present Associate Professor Emerita, Cleveland State University