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Prediction of Biomedical Waste Load at Centralized Treatment Facility
Chemical Product and Process Modeling (2010)
  • Surjit Singh Katoch
  • Vineet Kumar

The Local Municipal Corporation operates a centralized treatment facility (CTF) to facilitate effective and safe disposal of hazardous biomedical waste generated from various health care facilities (HCFs) in a region. Managing these wastes is a challenging task due to unpredictable variation in amount of waste received at a CTF. In this paper a mathematical model is presented that predicts the load on CTF as a function of bed occupancy of some representative hospitals in the region. Models are available to predict waste generated from a particular hospital in terms of bed occupancy; however, it is difficult to predict total waste received at CTF that also includes wastes from HCFs other than hospitals. To develop the model, data for the waste generated at source and for waste incinerated at CTF were collected for two consecutive years on daily basis. It was observed that two hospitals are representative of the rate of biomedical waste generation in the region from all HCFs. In two consecutive years, there were significantly different trends in overall waste incinerated at CTF. The reason for variation in waste load at CTF was observed to be due to uneven load on the HCFs in two consecutive years.

  • biomedical waste,
  • health care waste,
  • hospital waste,
  • modeling,
  • centralized treatment,
  • seasonal variation
Publication Date
March 31, 2010
Citation Information
Surjit Singh Katoch and Vineet Kumar. "Prediction of Biomedical Waste Load at Centralized Treatment Facility" Chemical Product and Process Modeling Vol. 2 Iss. 3 (2010)
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