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Probing the solvent-induced tautomerism of a redox-active ureidopyrimidinone
Chemical Communications (2007)
  • AM Alexander
  • M Bria
  • G Brunklaus
  • S Caldwell
  • G Cooke
  • JF Garety
  • SG Hewage
  • Y Hocquel
  • N McDonald
  • G Rabani
  • G Rosair
  • BO Smith
  • HW Spiess
  • VM Rotello
  • P Woisel

Trimethylammonium functionalized gold nanoparticles are demonstrated as templates for the assembly of peptide fragments and their subsequently promoted ligation. This system displays the use of organically tailored nanoparticles as effective supramolecular reagents for catalyzing bond-forming reactions and may also serve as a model for prebiotic conditions where charged surfaces may have promoted the polymerization of the early biopolymers.

Publication Date
May 9, 2007
Publisher Statement
DOI: 10.1039/b703070c
Citation Information
AM Alexander, M Bria, G Brunklaus, S Caldwell, et al.. "Probing the solvent-induced tautomerism of a redox-active ureidopyrimidinone" Chemical Communications Iss. 22 (2007)
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