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Multi-functional gold nanoparticles for drug delivery
Bio-Applications of Nanoparticles (2007)
  • G Han
  • P Ghosh
  • VM Rotello

Multi-functional gold nanoparticles have been demonstrated to be highly stable and versatile scaffolds for drug delivery due to their unique size, coupled with their chemical and physical properties. The ability to tune the surface of the particle provides access to cell-specific targeting and controlled drug release. This chapter describes current developments in the area of drug delivery using gold nanoparticles as delivery vehicles for multiple therapeutic purposes.

Publication Date
January 1, 2007
Publisher Statement
DOI: 10.1007/978-0-387-76713-0_4
Citation Information
G Han, P Ghosh and VM Rotello. "Multi-functional gold nanoparticles for drug delivery" Bio-Applications of Nanoparticles Vol. 620 (2007)
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