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Impacting Designer Creativity Through IT-Enabled Concept Generation.
Journal of Computing and Information Science in Engineering (2010)
  • Ken English, University at Buffalo
  • Aziz Naim
  • Kemper Lewis
  • Susanne Schmidt, Texas A&M University
  • Vimal Viswanathan, San Jose State University
  • Julie Linsey
  • Daniel A. McAdams
  • Bryan Bishop, University of Texas at Austin
  • Matthew I. Campbell
  • Kerry Poppa, Oregon State University
  • Robert B. Stone
  • Seth Orsborn, Bucknell University
One of the innovation’s fundamental mechanisms, designer creativity, is both unsupported by rigorous information-technology-enabled tools and uncharacterized as a scientific phenomenon. In this paper, we present VISUALIZEIT —a project seeking to identify a scientific basis and develop the supporting cyberinfrastructure needed to facilitate, evaluate, and disseminate information-technology-enabled innovation methodologies that augment designer creativity. This particular research paper describes a method of synthesizing concept representations through the development and expansion of platforms focused on computational concept generation, clustering of design concepts, a repository of archived design knowledge, and an information integration and representation interface. We also present the initial results from implementing VISUALIZEIT using two populations of students.
Publication Date
September, 2010
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Citation Information
Ken English, Aziz Naim, Kemper Lewis, Susanne Schmidt, et al.. "Impacting Designer Creativity Through IT-Enabled Concept Generation." Journal of Computing and Information Science in Engineering Vol. 10 Iss. 3 (2010) p. 031007-1 - 031007-10 ISSN: 1530-9827
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