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Reglering av överlåtna förvaltningsuppgifter [Rules on public matters that are assigned to non government subjects]
Festskrift till Hans-Heinrich Vogel (2008)
  • Vilhelm Persson
Swedish law allows that public matters are assigned to private parties as well as international or foreign bodies. When matters are assigned, general administrative rules are often not applicable. However, constitutional provisions still have to be respected by private parties. In contrast, transferring matters to international or foreign bodies has the effect to completely distance the matters from the Swedish legal order, including the constitution. But of course Sweden could make it a condition for the transfer that Swedish rules are applied.
Publication Date
Christina Moëll, Vilhelm Persson, Henrik Wenander
Juristförlaget i Lund
Citation Information
Vilhelm Persson. "Reglering av överlåtna förvaltningsuppgifter]" Festskrift till Hans-Heinrich Vogel. Ed. Christina Moëll, Vilhelm Persson, Henrik Wenander. Lund: Juristförlaget i Lund, 2008. 367-382.