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Unpublished Paper
  • Vildyan Shavkyatovich Yanbikov

In the proposed study shows phenomenological model shielding gravitational fields of the protons of the cosmos. The screening of gravity in space is based on the principle that any elementary particle with the mass of rest and located in the free the fall of escapes all gravitational fields in which it is located. The study determined the intensity of the gravitational field of the infinite space half-space. Determined by the effective cross-section proton screening the gravitational field of the cosmos. Defined radius the action of gravitational forces in the cosmos. A formula is obtained which determines the distance to the galaxy by its «red» offset. Defined life time photon in space. Determined the size of the horizon visibility of the Universe.

  • Shielding of the gravitational field,
  • horizon of visibility of the Universe is received,
  • the effective section of a proton completely shielding gravitational field of space is defined.
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Dear editing of the site. I ask to publish my manuscript on Your site. Yours faithfully. Yanbikov Vil'dyan.
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Vildyan Shavkyatovich Yanbikov. "GRAVITY AND UNIVERSE" (2013)
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