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Vision sees Pacific in New Zealand embrace
The Dominion Post (2011)
  • Vikas Kumar

The microstates of Oceania suffer from chronic underdevelopment due to a combination of geographic and demographic factors. Most of these microstates have a small but highly diverse population spread over a very large area... Shortage of skilled workers, insufficient infrastructure, susceptibility to natural disasters, and remoteness from international markets have constrained development. The resultant small tax base has handicapped the state in these countries... In recent times, climate change has begun to add to their cup of woes. In the not so distant future, some of these microstates might need to evacuate large fractions of their populations due to a rising sea level.

  • Oceania,
  • Climate Change,
  • New Zealand,
  • Australia
Publication Date
March 29, 2011
Citation Information
Vikas Kumar. "Vision sees Pacific in New Zealand embrace" The Dominion Post (2011)
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