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Why is SAARC gridlocked and how can it be revitalised?
East Asia Forum (2011)
  • Vikas Kumar

Unfortunately, unlike its older cousins the European Union (EU) and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), SAARC has never managed to fully take off and continues to be a nominal entity. While it is common to lay the blame at the door of Indo-Pakistani rivalry, the reasons for SAARC’s failure are in fact deeper and structural in nature. A constellation of geographical, ethnic, historical and political factors have gridlocked SAARC. The gridlock will persist unless India adopts proactive confidence-building measures. India can, and should, act.

Publication Date
January 19, 2011
Citation Information
Vikas Kumar. "Why is SAARC gridlocked and how can it be revitalised?" East Asia Forum (2011)
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