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The South Asian Qurans
South Asia Masala (2011)
  • Vikas Kumar

The Quran has been translated from Arabic into about 100 languages, roughly 1 per cent of the known living languages of the world, whereas Islam is the religion of more than 20 per cent people in the world (and Arabic is the mother tongue of less than one-fifth of the Muslims). In contrast, partial or complete translations of the Bible are available in more than a third of the known languages. Furthermore, most of the translations of the Quran are relatively recent whereas the Bible was the first printed text in a number of languages. In fact, a great majority of the extant translations of the Quran into South Asian languages appeared after the formal disestablishment of Islam in 1858 CE, roughly a thousand years after the arrival of Islam in South Asia.

  • Quran,
  • Translation,
  • Mughal,
  • Ottoman,
  • South Asia,
  • Bengali,
  • Gujarati,
  • Malayalam,
  • Pashto,
  • Punjabi,
  • Sindhi,
  • Tamil,
  • Hindi,
  • Kannada,
  • Urdu,
  • Arabic,
  • Persian
Publication Date
September 21, 2011
Citation Information
Vikas Kumar. "The South Asian Qurans" South Asia Masala (2011)
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