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India and Australia: The end of estrangement?
Clingendae​l Asia Forum (2011)
  • Vikas Kumar

On the eve of the visit of US President Barack Obama, Australia’s Prime Minister Julia Gillard declared that Australia is willing to reconsider its ban on uranium exports to India. The ban is widely believed to be a major obstacle to a stronger India–Australia relationship, which has so far remained weak despite numerous soft ties, growing bilateral trade driven by India’s insatiable demand for minerals, and shared maritime security concerns. While estrangement during the Cold War was understandable, Australia’s and India’s subsequent inability to forge a closer relationship is not. Gillard’s latest move is being seen as a game changer that will end strategic discrimination against India and signal Australia’s willingness to shed its Cold War blinkers and come to terms with the end of India’s nuclear isolation. It is unfair, however, to expect a dramatic improvement in the India–Australia relationship as a consequence of lifting the ban.

Publication Date
December 9, 2011
Citation Information
Vikas Kumar. "India and Australia: The end of estrangement?" Clingendae​l Asia Forum (2011)
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