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Envisioning Ethical Mass Influence Systems
Proceedings of the Association for Information Science and Technology (2022)
  • Alex Mayhew, Western University
  • Yimin Chen, Western University
  • Sarah E Cornwell
  • Nicole S Delellis, Western University
  • Dominique Kelly, Western University
  • Liu Yifan
  • Victoria L. Rubin
This work envisions the possibility of ethical Mass Influence Systems (MISs). Modern algorithmic MISs, like Facebook and YouTube, have seen a link between the systems design for profit maximization and the increased radicalization of users (Wu, 2017). Using a Goals analysis grounded in philosophy (Falcon, 2022; Lipton, 1990; Bostrom, 2014), we will contrast the goals of existing algorithmic MISs with the goals of a future ethical algorithmic MIS. With the philosophical guidance of the Moral Parliament (Newberry & Ord, 2021) and the Moral Landscape (Janoff-Bulman & Carnes, 2013), we elaborate on a set of goals and mechanisms for promoting human flourishing via ethical MISs.
  • Ethics,
  • Analytic Philosophy,
  • Proximate and Ultimate Causation,
  • Moral Parliament,
  • Moral Landscape,
  • Flourishing
Publication Date
October 14, 2022
Citation Information
Alex Mayhew, Yimin Chen, Sarah E Cornwell, Nicole S Delellis, et al.. "Envisioning Ethical Mass Influence Systems" Proceedings of the Association for Information Science and Technology Vol. 59 (2022) p. 756 - 758
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