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Here's Hulu: How Popular Culture Helps Teach the Next generation of Lawyers
None (2010)
  • Victoria S. Salzmann, Phoenix School of Law

Imagine you are a teacher trying to explain in the abstract a theory such as conspiracy formation. First, you might list and explain the legal elements. Perhaps you would use a hypothetical to ground it in concrete facts. Even better, you could reference a scene from a movie your student was likely to have seen where the characters form a string of conspiracies. Best of all, perhaps you would show your student a clip from the movie and pinpoint where and how the conspiracy was formed. If you were the student, which of these mechanisms would be the quickest and most complete road to understanding? This Article focuses on why and how the use of popular culture, as both a reference and a visual aid, will greatly enhance understanding in the modern legal classroom. How and why is so much information conveyed in such a concise manner? What is the value of using popular culture as a teaching tool? Why do students respond so significantly to these pieces of not-so-current events? Understanding these questions gives insight into the use of popular culture as a powerful teaching device. This Article explores the social science and psychology behind why popular culture references teach. It also explains the best way to use them in the classroom setting.

  • Popular Culture,
  • Legal Education
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Victoria S. Salzmann. "Here's Hulu: How Popular Culture Helps Teach the Next generation of Lawyers" None (2010)
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