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Review of multiculturalism and diversity: A social psychological perspective.
Psychology of Women Quarterly (2011)
  • V C Plaut, Berkeley Law
  • J Treadway

Reviews the book, Multiculturalism and diversity: A social psychological perspective by Bernice Lott. The authors uncovers, layer by layer, the complex, sociocultural grounding of lived experience; that is, that each individual experiences and acts upon the world within the context of diverse cultural identities. After brief introductions of a multicultural approach and the concept of culture, the bulk of the volume focuses on how ethnicity, gender, class, and sexual identity shape psychological experience. Lott then uncovers the influence of other less commonly studied identities before discussing intersectionality and implications for future research and practice. The author packs a surprising amount of information into a small volume. Readers will enjoy its clarity, succinctness, and current examples. A timely contribution, the book can enrich training for research or practice and should prove valuable for anyone interested in culture and diversity.

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V C Plaut and J Treadway. "Review of multiculturalism and diversity: A social psychological perspective." Psychology of Women Quarterly Vol. 35 Iss. 2 (2011)
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