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Psychoeducation Responsive to Families: Two Decades of Development and Translation of a Multifamily Group Model
Psychiatric Annals (2012)
  • Victoria Osborne, Sacred Heart University
  • David E. Pollio
  • Carol S. North
  • Ashley M. Hudson
  • Jennifer B. McClendon
  • Barry A. Hong
Family psychoeducation is designed to support and educate the families of those affected by mental illness.1 A synthesis of findings from more than 30 randomized control trials concluded that family psychoeducation may reduce hospital readmission rates for people with schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder; improve recovery among individuals with bipolar disorder; and provide support to family members by enhancing their knowledge base and sense of self-efficacy.2 Psychoeducation models for severe mental illness in adults have been successfully implemented for populations in other settings, such as the Veterans Administration (VA).3 One psychoeducation model that has been translated for use in other populations and settings is Psychoeducation Responsive to Families (PERF), a multifamily group model developed by the authors and colleagues. [...]of the original multiple family psychoeducation groups conducted by North and colleagues, family psychoeducation was primarily focused on family management of schizophrenia, which was subsequently expanded to include bipolar disorder and other psychotic and severe mood disorders.\n4 In situations where this separation has been lost, the single combined brainstorming has frequently devolved into a complaint session. [...]in maintaining the model, adhering to the session structure has been identified as necessary to maximize likelihood of success.
  • Families & family life,
  • bipolar disorder,
  • corporate culture,
  • mental disorders
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Citation Information
Pollio, D.E., North, C.S., Hudson, A.M., Hong, B., Osborne, V.A., McClendon, J.B. (2012) Psychoeducation responsive to families: two decades of development and translation of a multifamily group model. Psychiatric Annals, 42(6), 228-35. Retrieved from OR at SHU Pollio, D. E., PhD., North, Carol S,M.D., M.P.E., Hudson, A. M., M.S.W., Hong, B. A., PhD., Osborne, V. A., PhD., & McClendon, J. B., PhD. (2012). Psychoeducation responsive to families (PERF): Translation of a multifamily group model. Psychiatric Annals, 42(6), 226-235. doi: