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About Victor R Lee

Victor Lee is a learning scientist and technologist who examines the intersections of in-the-moment cognition, external representations, and emerging technologies. His most recent design and development work involves creating and studying the use of materials to support K-12 teaching and learning. Currently, he explores the potential of physical activity data technologies (such as heart rate monitors, distance trackers, accelerometers, etc.) and personally relevant data to enable students to engage in more authentic forms of inquiry. In related work, he is exploring how adult athletes actually incorporate tracking technologies into their daily lives and what they learn by tracking their fitness. Previous work involved the study of visual representations in instructional materials and studying intuitive scientific, mathematical, and computational knowledge, particularly as it can be captured in cognitive clinical interviews or in small group interactions. Lee was a graduate fellow with the NSF-funded Center for Curriculum Materials in Science, past recipient of the American Educational Research Association's SIG ATL/EST- Best Student Paper award, a NSF CAREER award, and the Jan Hawkins Early Career award. He previously served as Chair of AERA's Special Interest Group for Advanced Technologies for Learning.


Present Associate Professor, Utah State University Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences

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Honors and Awards

  • 2010 ICLS Early Career/Junior Researcher
  • 2007 Northwestern University Dissertation Year Fellowship
  • 2007 Best Student Paper Award for AERA SIG-ATL (Advanced Technologies for Learning)/EST (Education in Science Technology. now Learning Sciences)
  • 2005 Graduate Fellow of the Center for Curriculum Materials in Science
  • 2002 Cognitive Science Fellowship
  • 2001 UC San Diego Alumni Award
  • 1997 UC San Diego Regents Scholar


  • INST 5205: Computer Applications for Instruction and Training
  • INST 6101: Strategies and Skills for Online Learning
  • INST 6325: Communication, Instruction, and the Learning Process
  • INST 6540: Learning Theory
  • INST 7870: Current Issues Seminar, Small Technologies
  • ITLS 7300: Research in Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences
  • ITLS 6570: Performance Systems

Contact Information

Location: EDUC 227
Office Phone: 797-7562
Fax: (435) 797-2693
2830 Old Main Hill
Logan, UT 84322


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