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Two new species of Euscorpius from Euboea Island, Greece (Scorpiones: Euscorpiidae)
Biological Sciences Faculty Research
  • Victor Fet, Marshall University
  • Michael E. Soleglad
  • Aristeidis Parmakelis
  • Panayiota Kotsakiozi
  • Iasmi Stathi
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We describe two new species of the genus Euscorpius from Euboea Island, Greece: E. birulai sp.n. (Agia Triada Cave) and E. mylonasi sp.n. (Mt. Dirfi). The cave species E. birulai sp.n. is morphologically close to E. koschewnikowi Birula, 1900 from Mt. Athos, Greece. Species-level divergence of E. mylonasi sp.n. is also confirmed by multiple DNA markers. According to DNA data, an undescribed population from the nearby Skyros Island is closely related to E. mylonasi sp.n.

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Citation Information
Fet, V., M.E. Soleglad, A. Parmakelis, P. Kotsakiozi & I. Stathi. 2014. Two new species of Euscorpius from Euboea Island, Greece (Scorpiones: Euscorpiidae). Arthropoda Selecta, 23(2): 111-126. [E. birulai, E. mylonasi]