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Laterobasal aculear serrations (LAS) in scorpion family Vaejovidae (Scorpiones: Chactoidea)
  • Victor Fet, Marshall University
  • Michael E. Soleglad
  • Michael S Brewer, Marshall University
The discovery of a new structure on the laterobasal aspect of the telson aculeus is described here for the first time. This structure, termed the laterobasal aculear serrations (LAS), is a row of minute denticles located on each side of the aculeus base, found exclusively in scorpion family Vaejovidae, thus potentially providing a new synapomorphy for this New World family. The LAS structure of major representative vaejovid genera and Vaejovis groups is illustrated with SEM micrographs. Also provided is a comprehensive list of non-vaejovid Recent scorpion genera examined where the LAS structure was found to be absent.
Citation Information
Victor Fet, Michael E. Soleglad and Michael S Brewer. "Laterobasal aculear serrations (LAS) in scorpion family Vaejovidae (Scorpiones: Chactoidea)" p. 1 - 19
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