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EDITORIAL: "Euscorpius" at 100
  • Victor Fet, Marshall University
  • Michael E. Soleglad
With the publication of Graeme Lowe on Vachoniolus from Oman, our journal Euscorpius celebrates its 100th issue. Euscorpius is the first and only research publication completely devoted to scorpions (Arachnida: Scorpiones). Since its inception in 2001, Euscorpius published 100 issues authored by 79 zoologists from 23 countries (USA, Argentina, China, Colombia, Cuba, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Guadeloupe, India, Iran, Italy, Kazakhstan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, and Venezuela.)
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Victor Fet and Michael E. Soleglad. "EDITORIAL: "Euscorpius" at 100"
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