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A new scorpion genus (Scorpiones: Vaejovidae) from Mexico
  • Michael E. Soleglad
  • Victor Fet, Marshall University
A new vaejovid genus from Mexico, Franckeus, gen. nov., is described based on unique neobothriotaxy. Species placed in this genus are from the Vaejovis “nigrescens” group (previously called the “nitidulus” group). Six species comprise this new genus, distributed throughout Mexico (mainland as well as Baja California Sur): Franckeus nitidulus, F. rubrimanus, F. platnicki, F. minckleyi, F. kochi and F. peninsularis. A new species of the Vaejovis “nigrescens” group, Vaejovis davidi, sp. nov., is also described.
Citation Information
Michael E. Soleglad and Victor Fet. "A new scorpion genus (Scorpiones: Vaejovidae) from Mexico" p. 1 - 13
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