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Proceedings of the 3rd Scorpiology Symposium (American Arachnological Society, 28th Annual Meeting)
  • Victor Fet, Marshall University
  • Michael E. Soleglad
Table of Contents Victor Fet and Douglas D. Gaffin. Preface p. iKaren C. Bost and Douglas D. Gaffin. Sand scorpion home burrow navigation in the laboratory p. 1Douglas D. Gaffin and Mark E. Walvoord. Scorpion peg sensilla: are they the same or are they different? p. 7J. Zachary Porterfield, Douglas D. Gaffin, Caitlin Porterfield and Curtis Johnston. Screening for scorpions: A non-invasive approach to tracking the movements of arachnids in sand p. 17Tsunemi Yamashita. Surface activity, biomass, and phenology of the striped scorpion, Centruroides vittatus (Scorpiones: Buthidae) in Arkansas, USA p. 25C. Neal McReynolds. Temporal patterns in microhabitat use for the scorpion Centruroides vittatus (Scorpiones: Buthidae) p. 35Victor Fet, Michael E. Soleglad and Benjamin Gantenbein. The Euroscorpion: Taxonomy and systematics of the genus Euscorpius Thorell, 1876 (Scorpiones: Euscorpiidae) p.47Victor Fet, Michael E. Soleglad and Alexander Gromov. The platypus of a scorpion: the genus Pseudochactas Thorell, 1876 (Scorpiones: Pseudochactidae) p. 61
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Victor Fet and Michael E. Soleglad. "Proceedings of the 3rd Scorpiology Symposium (American Arachnological Society, 28th Annual Meeting)" p. 1 - 68
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