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R. T. P. Allen: The Texas Years, 1857-1865
Smith County Historical Society (2013)
  • Vicki Betts, University of Texas at Tyler
In 1857, R. T. P. Allen moved from near Frankfort, Kentucky, to Bastrop, Texas, to found the Bastrop Military Institute. In 1861 he enlisted in the Confederate army and in 1862 was named colonel of the 17th Texas Infantry. He was wounded at the battle of Milliken's Bend and was then assigned to Camp Ford near Tyler, Texas, which was evolving into a prisoner of war camp. He remained there until replaced in May, 1864, when he resigned due to ill health and returned to his Bastrop school. At the end of the war, with all military schools prohibited in previously Confederate states, he moved back to Frankfort and Kentucky Military Institute.
  • R. T. P. Allen,
  • Tyler,
  • Texas,
  • Camp Ford,
  • Civil War,
  • prisons,
  • prisoners of war,
  • 17th Texas Infantry,
  • Bastrop Military Institute
Publication Date
May 14, 2013
Tyler, Texas
Citation Information
Vicki Betts. "R. T. P. Allen: The Texas Years, 1857-1865" Smith County Historical Society (2013)
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