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Stock Market Liquidity and Corporate Profit Growth
  • Vichet Sum

This study examines how aggregate corporate profit growth (CP) dynamically influences liquidity in the stock market using NYSE share turnover (STO) as a proxy. The VAR results from fitting quarterly data from 1951Q4 to 2012Q4 show that STO has a significant jump immediately in the first quarter following the shock to CP then drops and stays at the zero territory after the first quarter. The Granger-causality tests indicate that CP and STO Granger-cause each other. CP forecasts 3.5% to 4% of the STO variability at the two- and eight-quarter horizons, respectively.

  • liquidity,
  • liquidity shocks,
  • share turnover,
  • corporate profit growth
Publication Date
July 31, 2013
Citation Information
Vichet Sum. "Stock Market Liquidity and Corporate Profit Growth" (2013)
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