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U.S. Asylum Policy and the New World Order
Faculty Publications - Human Resource Studies
  • Vernon M. Briggs, Jr., Cornell University
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"In the new world order, differences in political ideology have given way to differences in economic conditions between nation states as the prompting force for the outflow of would-be refugees and asylum seekers. In part, these pressures are associated with the political disintegration of the poorer republics of the former Soviet Union and its former satellite nations into ethnic enclaves. But the most endemic of the new contributory pressures are emanating from North-South economic differences between the "have" and "have-not" nations."
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Briggs, V. M., Jr. (1993). U.S. asylum policy and the new world order. People and Place, 1(3), 1-9.

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Vernon M. Briggs. "U.S. Asylum Policy and the New World Order" (1993)
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