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U.S. Immigration Policy and the Plight of Unskilled Workers
Faculty Publications - Human Resource Studies
  • Vernon M. Briggs , Jr., Cornell University
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The implications of immigration to the US are explored with reference to the impact on low-skilled labour markets and inequality in the US. Recent research indicates that low-skilled American workers are the main losers, with the result that the earnings disparity between high and low-skilled workers has widened.

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Briggs, V. M., Jr. (1993) U.S. immigration policy and the plight of unskilled workers. People and Place: The Australian Forum for Population Studies, 7(2), 1-6.
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Posted with the permission of Centre for Population and Urban Research.

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Vernon M. Briggs. "U.S. Immigration Policy and the Plight of Unskilled Workers" (1993)
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