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Unpublished Paper
Growth and Structure of Workforce in India : An Analysis of Census 2011 Data
  • Venkatanarayana Motkuri
  • Suresh Naik Veslawath

Census 2011 brings new dimension to ongoing debate on the decline in the growth of employment from the last two decade. The census 2011 result gives better picture when compared with NSSO estimation of workforce. It is observed that there is a fast decelerating rate of growth in overall workforce, particularly that of females, between 2001 and 2011. But the work participation rate has not declined, if not increase, as the rate of growth in workforce is not less than that of population. Secondly, incremental workforce especially the male is getting reduced to marginal workers category whereas the high concentration of female in the category of marginal workers is slightly reduced. Occupational distribution of workforce shows that cultivators are declining such decline in agriculture is replaced by increasing agricultural labour. Growth of workforce in non-agriculture is higher than that of agriculture. Growth of female workers engaged in non-agriculture is higher than their male counterparts.

  • Employment,
  • Workforce,
  • India
Publication Date
May, 2013
Citation Information
Venkatanarayana Motkuri and Suresh Naik Veslawath. "Growth and Structure of Workforce in India : An Analysis of Census 2011 Data" (2013)
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