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Doing Things Differently in the Cloud: Streamlining Library Workflows to Maximize Efficiency
Charleston Library Conference Proceedings
  • Vanessa A Garofalo, Southeastern University - Lakeland
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Steelman Library
Libraries share many common challenges including ever more complex collections, systems, and workflows, as well as increased user demand. To help manage these challenges, today’s cloud-based library management services are offering workflows that save library staff time and discovery solutions that meet users’ needs. Libraries using these services are seeing drastic reductions in the time it takes to perform routine tasks because of the integration between libraries, applications, partners, and data. As a result of doing things differently, libraries save staff time and money while streamlining workflows and improving efficiency. In short, cloud-based library management services like OCLC’s WorldShare Management Services allow you to manage your library’s back office tasks differently—from Acquisitions to Cataloging to Collection Development. This paper gives a synopsis of the efforts of Southeastern University’s Steelman Library to streamline technical services workflows after going live on WorldShare Management Services (WMS) in July 2013. The impact that WMS has had on the library workflows at Clearwater Christian College will also be discussed briefly.
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Vanessa A Garofalo. "Doing Things Differently in the Cloud: Streamlining Library Workflows to Maximize Efficiency" Charleston Library Conference Proceedings Vol. 2014 (2014)
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