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Unpublished Paper
Masur - ISP Licensing Article
ExpressO (2010)
  • Steven R. Masur

For years now, people have downloaded music over the internet without paying rights holders, and no industry solution has been universally adopted.

Amid a cacophony of discussion about new business models, DRM, three strikes you’re out laws and other solutions, one idea continues to gain support; ISP licensing, or charging people a fee on their internet service or mobile bill to be paid to rights holders for music downloaded over the internet. What is not discussed is exactly how this would work.

Steven Masur, outlines the law on ISP Licensing in the United States in his article, "Masur - The ISP Article".

• Lawmakers and regulators can use it to evaluate the efficacy of a payment regime in the U.S.

• Artists, Rights Holders and Entrepreneurs can use it as a due diligence tool to evaluate the risks and rewards of entering the U.S. market with digital music services.

• Lawyers can use it for brief crib notes to advise their clients on collective rights licensing.

  • isp licensing,
  • intellectual property
Publication Date
May 27, 2010
Citation Information
Steven R. Masur. "Masur - ISP Licensing Article" ExpressO (2010)
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