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About Vanessa B. Cruz

 The mythical and allegorical world of storytelling is at the heart of Vanessa B. Cruz’s animated
films. Her subject matter is one of ancient stories, told through a very modern sense of the visual.
The aesthetic in her films, like that of the story, are shown through many layers of film
photographed together to make a visual pastiche. In her films she starts with a raw primal
emotion that builds upon itself as the film progresses, climaxing in a character's self awareness.
The treatment of her films is very similar to that of painting with its many textures and layers of
visual meaning. Her inspirations for the stories come from life experiences that change us to a new
sense of awareness. For example, the first time you leave home and the thrill and fear that comes
along with that experience. Becoming a parent for the first time is another experience many
people can relate to. She takes these experiences and distills them to their very core, as the base
of the story. Using images from nature and of her life around her, usually people very close to her, she places
them in these situations, where she can control every facet of the aesthetic, where she can explore
and find a visual solution.


Present Faculty Member, University of North Florida Art & Design

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