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Interaction of Phase Transformations and Plasticity at the Nanoscale: Phase Field Approach
Materials Today: Proceedings
  • Valery I. Levitas, Iowa State University
  • M. Javanbakht, Isfahan University of Technology
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Phase field approach (PFA) to the interaction between phase transformations (PTs) and dislocations is developed at large strains as a nontrivial combination of our recent advanced PFAs to martensitic PTs and dislocation evolution. Finite element method (FEM) simulations are performed to solve the coupled phase-field and elasticity equations and are applied to study of the growth and arrest of martensitic plate for temperature-induced PTs, the evolution of dislocations and high pressure phase in a nanograined material under pressure and shear, and the dislocation inheritance for stress-induced PT.

This article is published as Levitas, V. I., and M. Javanbakht. "Interaction of phase transformations and plasticity at the nanoscale: phase field approach." Materials Today: Proceedings, 2 (2015): S493-S498. 10.1016/j.matpr.2015.07.334. Posted with permission.

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Valery I. Levitas and M. Javanbakht. "Interaction of Phase Transformations and Plasticity at the Nanoscale: Phase Field Approach" Materials Today: Proceedings Vol. 2 Iss. Supplement 3 (2015) p. S493 - S498
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